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Science fiction E-books

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   Chronicle of Alatia - James Michelson

        Magnificent Goldon Harling - Nirushan Siva

        The Imprint - Brent Maxwell

        Mystery of the Ring - Barry Keenan

        Javada Rings True - Lloyd Dobeenan

        Messenger - BJ McCallum

        Mistlord - Richard Heidemann

        Pet Plague - Darrell Bain

        My Guardian Alien - Chuck Schmidt

        Lia dan - James Raquepau

        A is for Aberrant - Randolf Coley

        B is for Beneficence - Randolf Coley

         Come Dance With Me - David Coveney


Non-fiction E-books

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        Becoming a Writer - Brande

        Creative Writing Plantos / Ray

        Day Lilies: A Pillow Book - Cathy Inculet

        I Sleep Each Night In Peace - Cathy Inculet

        Twin Peaks - Wayne Ray

        Titanic: Last Survivor - Lyle Bebensee

        Titanic: Last Survivor - Audio File

        Baptist Churches in Alabama - SC Ray

        Clay County Alabama - SC Ray

        Police Detectives in Canada - Cathy Inculet

        Ernest Harmon AFB - Wayne Ray

        William Q Judge Theosophy

        Remembering Olga Rechnitzer - Wayne Ray

        Truth About Jehovah Witnesses

        Small Press Publishing - Poemata

        Botanical Gardens of Canada

        Beatrice Dickerskin - Wayne Ray

        The Literary Highway - Wayne Ray

        Creative Writing - Plantos / Ray

        Spirit of the Mineral Kingdom - Christine Pike

        Shelter a play - David Coveney

        Diary of Borneo Bill - Aviso Greif

        Selected Review of the Incest Literature - Susan Ray RN PhD

        Normandy to the Congo - Colonel William Wilson

        Little Sleeper - DJ Melman

        Colin Sinclair - Mel McIveen

        Antonia Take My Hand - Antonia Suchan

        Alliance - David J. McCarthy

        69 Plays - Jim Huff

        Out of Darkness - Helen Stummer

        New Scrabble Games - Paul Fry / Wayne Ray

        How to Know The Wildflowers 1905

		 Shelter: a play - David Coveney


Crime fiction E-books

Crime Fiction Books on

  Diary of Borneo Bill - R. Craigmyle

        Death Island - Dayna Forsyth

        In a Heart Beat - Kathryn C. Hogan

        False Pretenses - Michael McPherson

        The Vigil - Michael McPherson

        Fear Island - William Vlanderen

        Golden Fuhrer - Ann van Nostrand

        Hard Core - HC Frost

        The Root Cellar - Craig Andrews

        The Last Peril - Nirushan Siva

        Murder in Lambridge - Nirushan Siva

        Murder or Mercy - Tom Dowling

        Murder Sings Out - Sharron Martin

        Shadow of Evil - Michael Man

        Storm of Shadows - Joyce Black

        Tobacco Rising - Jon Smibert


Gay fiction E-books

Gay Fiction Books on

  Crimson Colored Clover - John Cook

        My Gothic Romance - John Cook

        Not Very Nice Novella - John Cook

        Raven in New York City - John Cook

        Reincarnated Romeo & Juliet - John Cook


Short fiction & General fiction E-books

General Fiction Books on

 The Literary Highway - Wayne Ray

        If You Like; flash fiction - Wayne Ray

        Giants of the North - Wayne Ray

        Going Down Goose Lane - Wayne Ray

        Creative Plagiarism - Wayne Ray

        EOA London Stories - CPA

        I Sleep Each Night In Peace - Cathy Inculet

        Three Day Novel - Pahl Schmidt

        Raffles - Colleen Archer

        THE - Graham McGeorge

        TUH - John Boice

        The Traveller - Matthew Cronin

        Survivor - Gayle Bryce

        Tools of God - Don White

        Survivor - Susane Andersen & Letellier Bridoux

        Silver Saber - Paul C. Rapp

        Shades of Evil - Lawrence Vernon

        SET - Paul E. Secker

        Zamora\'s Tattoo - Al Gowan

        Wind Warrior - Eugene Daniels

        Tsalagi: Trail of Tears - Wayne Ray

        Snoe Scorpian - WW Walton

        The Writer Must Take Himself - Wayne Ray

        Fables and Fictitious Facts - Denzel Roberts

        Fantasies and Fables - Wendy Lou Jones

        Dirt Wet With Blood - Charlene Elsby

        American Shadow - Malcolm Rice

        Beggars - Frederick Dietz

        Capitol Offenses - Joyce Tessier

        Days of Vengeance - Joyce Black

        Down Time - Cedric Valentin

        Funky Butt Blues - FG Fox

   	    Global Supremacy - JR Brown

        Gods & Hangovers - Darrell Bain

        Going Forward Looking Back - Terri Wood Jenkins

        The Guardian - Jane Elwood

        The Isherwood Incident - William H. Christ

        Golden Hourglass - William H. Christ

        Voids Metamorphosis - Peter Hoflich

        Missing Parts - RD Allen

        Much Needed For All - Faustina Tribble

        Saga of Noman\'s Land - Riley W. Danson

        No Worse For Wear - Jim Huff

        Paradox - Paul Thoreck

        The Prophet Returns - Jonathan Lowe

        Snapshots - Jonathan Lowe

        Queens Pawn - Christopher Patterson

        The Raid - Larry V. Franklin


Erotic fiction E-books

Erotic Fiction Books on

        Where\'s The Party - LeaAnn Greer

        Diary of an Adultress - LeaAnn Greer

        Reah\'s Divorce - LeaAnn Greer

        Who Else-Eh! - Donna Coker

        Shower Away Your Loneliness - Rhonda McCook & India Blue

        Foreplay - Rhonda McCook

        Electrical Outlet - Rhonda McCook

        Wife Swapping Experiment - Charles Christopher Mark

        Who Else? - Donna Coker

       Starbucks Erotica - Ray Scott ed.

       Kiss The Chef - Brenda Robertson